The Right Website Design Makes A Big Difference

Just think for a moment: would you want to eat in a restaurant which used dirty pots, where there were dirty dishes left in a massive pile in the corner, and where the napkins were soiled and stained? You would probably take one look at the woeful condition of the place and simply beat a hasty retreat back out the entrance. In other words, the outlay and presentation of the building is what deterred you from relying upon it, and so because the first impression failed miserably, this meant that you were not interested in pursuing the relationship any further.graphic design - web design

This is significant because the actual physical design and layout of your website will go a long way towards either impressing or irritating the people who visit your website. If your website happens to feature a whole host of dead links, URLs which take them to websites with offensive/adult content, and contains intrusive as well as extremely obnoxious sound effects which cannot be turned off then it is extremely likely that the customer will simply click and leave your site.

It does not matter how informative your website happens to be, or how wonderful an impact it may have on the quality of their life, in short, if you do not make a positive and solid first impression then you will be on a hiding to nothing.

So far, we have relied upon obviously extremely poor design in order to more readily and effectively convey the message we are trying to get across but the simple truth of the matter is that even an inoffensive website, i.e. one that is generic and bland may also fail to entice the customer and simply force them to click the close button.

A common problem is that many novice webmasters end up over relying upon one of two different extremes. Either they go out of their way to ensure that their website is as user friendly and as easy to use as possible, to the detriment of any sort of SEO work or any alteration of the code. A considerable amount of time is invested in the cosmetic aspects of the website, such as the header, the site graphics, and the methods used for navigating through the various pages.graphic design

The other side of the coin is whereby the novice webmaster ends up focusing solely on the nuts and bolts of the site, i.e. going to considerable lengths to ensure that the bricks of the website are working properly and have been duly optimized in order to make sure that they are indeed working as they should. So many novices end up succumbing to the “either or” mentality and this form of apartheid is neither healthy nor productive.

Oftentimes, it is not a result of laziness on the part of the novice webmaster, but rather, they are trying to play to their strengths. Many webmasters have at least a minor amount of experience in either of these two extremes and upon realizing how little they know of the other topic, they try and compensate for this by working zealously away at the topic that they are proficient with.

The problem with this approach is that SEO Web Design requires a balance to be struck between both the coding as well as the marketing aspect of the website and so you need to tick all the right boxes to get a final and happy conclusion.

Put rather simply: people who are graphic wizards often struggle to wrap their heads around the logic of coding, and those who are programming masters will often find it hard to exercise their creativity beyond a compiler and server.

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