An Introduction To African Cichlid’s Life History Styles

African CichlidMany people will have a liking towards the African cichlid species of fishes. Very little is known about the cichlid iconology, behavior, interactions, and evolution. Here are some trends that provide an insight into the life histories of these species and their evolutionary and behavioral alternatives. These species spend all their life history in one habitat that belongs to the species flocks are spectated greatly. But, the groups that live in different habitats are spectated little. Parental care in this species has followed many evolutionary alternatives, and all these are geared to enhance the chances of survival of the fry in the micro-habitats that they belong to.

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Brett Reed, Snapshot Scholar Judge Reveals His Ideas

Brett Reed

Brett Reed, the Snapshot Scholar Judge, gives an idea of what makes a great photo according to him. He has chosen a photo from a pool of photos that were sent to the social photography contest. He says that he liked the color palette of the photo he had chosen, and it has just grabbed him emotionally by that specific photo. He says that he walks around with a viewfinder sort of vision and clicks whatever that impresses him all the time. He reveals that is how a perfect photographer will get to click the best pictures.

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Increase Your Art Sales With The Video Apps

Art Sales With The Video AppsToday’s generation is tech savvy, and many people are using the technology developments and advancements to promote their business and benefit from the same. Do you know that you can increase the sales of your artwork with the help of technology? Well, there are a slew of video applications that can be used to increase the sales. The video applications will help in building a huge customer list of potential buyers who will be interested in your art. Eventually, you can reach a wider audience and increase the sales to a great extent with these technological advancements. This way, your art business will grow to the next level.

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Develop Your Photography Skills With Brooke Bryand

Brooke Bryand1

If you want help in expanding your skill set and transforming into a better photographer as well as a business person, you should get to know about some artists. In the wedding industry, storytelling is a very important skill that is talked about. Brooke Bryand has an incredible and diverse skill set when it comes to photographing babies. She has taken the concept of storytelling to the next level with her portrait that involved babies with macro photography technique to capture the tiny lips and toes.

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