Here’s An Interview With Lee Duigon, An Author

Lee_DuigonLee Duigon is Bell Mountain Series’ author. If you have not read this book, we encourage you to read it. Currently, he is half way through another book, Cellar Beneath the Cellar. He is a contributing editor working with Chalcedon Foundation writing news and reviews. He also writes his books apart from his employment. He started writing books as he wanted to write.

He started writing as one of his clients asked for novels and his employer suggested that they have a novelist. Once he dreamt of a mountain peak covered with clouds and woke up to the sound of a bell and took to writing his first book from there. He has written nine books so far, and eight of them are published. He says he enjoys writing about children and likes writing about Margus reformed assassins. He claims that he picks some of his characters’ names are picked from the real names of people whom he had met in various situations while some are normal, and some are from origins or cultures of the characters.

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Donna Bruce And Her Gardening Skills

Donna Bruce Gardening

Donna Bruce brings information about backyard farming. She has gardened and helped herself raise animals and fed her family members with her modest backyard. She has been involved in gardening for almost 30 years. She helps other people also involve in gardening with her blog. It is her passion to take a seed and watch it grow into an elegant plant and feed her family with the same. When her husband had lost his job 30 years back, they lived in a house with a small yard. It was her passion that helped her take up the same on to help her make her life.

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Why One Should Play The MTG Modern Format?

Art Sales With The Video AppsThe MTG Modern Format is quite polarizing, and people are opting to play it despite the difference in opinion among many. Many people like this format as it is better for the casual play. One can build cheap fun combo decks, and it has no rotation. The competitive scene is somewhat expensive and one has to simply switch to the decks to continue the play. The standard format is not expensive, and so some people stick to it. Lately, some pros have started hating this format while many others are defending it. However it still remains the favorite format of many, and it is more fun to play this format.

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Author Chat Show Along With Lynda D Brown

Lynda D BrownWelcome to the Author Chat Show that is hosted by Lynda D Brown, author, and publisher. You can promote your book via this show so that you get the right targeted audience to the book that you have written as it is the toughest part. With this show, the authors can promote their books. The interviews with the authors are aired on the podcasts. The aim of this show is to promote the self-published authors’ creation. There is a store as well on Amazon. Lynda D Brown, the CEO and Founder of the Spoken Word Press and the Author Chat has been an avid reader. She developed a passion to assist other writers to promote their books after her first novel named Invisible Enemies.

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